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Sports Physiotherapy

Our physiotherapists have extensive experience working with athletes of all levels across a wide spectrum of sports including athletics, rugby, soccer, GAA, basketball, triathlon, golf, tennis and cross-fit.

We aim to provide you with an accurate diagnosis of your injury and agree a treatment plan so that you know what to expect for your recovery. By identifying the risk factors that may have led to the injury occurring, we will devise a treatment plan to not only get you back playing in a timely manner but also equip you with the skills and resources needed to reduce the risk of recurrence.

Most sports injuries are diagnosed by a clinical exam and further testing is not necessary. However, in some cases imaging studies such as X-ray, MRI or blood tests may be required to confirm an injury or rule out something more serious. Where necessary we can refer you for further testing or to the appropriate consultant if further medial intervention or opinion is required.

Our experienced physiotherapists use up-to-date evidence in planning your rehabilitation. We use a wide range of tools and skills in managing your sports injury. These may include therapeutic exercise, manual techniques such as joint mobilisations and massage, dry needling, acupuncture, taping, insole or orthotic prescription and/or clinical Pilates.

Typical Sports Injuries that we treat include: