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Physiotherapy Rehab programs

Specific physiotherapy rehabilitation programs are emerging as a very effective management approach in the case of chronic low back pain and other musculoskeletal problems. It involves is a very specific exercise approach to the individual problem and in some cases linked in with other health professionals.

Initially, we establish your specific condition’s needs, whether it’s low back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, hip or knee pain. Based on our discussion, the assessment findings and the latest evidence, we devise an individualised program tailored to your needs. The result being, you exercise in the most beneficial way for you.

Your assessment will involve:

  1. A comprehensive Biomechanical Examination to analyse your body's alignment and movement patterns including any incorrect compensatory movements
  2. Real Time Ultrasound if necessary to determine the correct timing and activation of your core supporting muscles and direct your program
  3. Explanation of the objectives and method of each specific exercise
  4. Introduction to the Rehab gym and the Pilates equipment we use
  5. Instruction as to the correct technique when performing the exercises

The goals of our rehab programs are;

  1. To manage your pain better and allow you to be more independent
  2. To improve your posture
  3. To increase your level of activity
  4. To help you return to the things you like doing in your social life
  5. To support you with your own individualised goals
  6. To improve your mood
  7. To help you manage your anxiety and help you relax more
  8. To give you the tools and strategies to help you move forward with your life

Our programs for chronic pain include:

  1. Goal setting – Helping you to set realistic goals that can be achieved despite your pain
  2. Activity pacing – Learning how to pace your activities and avoid the extremes which can cause additional pain
  3. Relaxation strategies – Helping you to manage your pain, stress and sleep
  4. Advice on Sleep skills – Learning ways to improve your sleep patterns
  5. Exercise – Gradually increasing your ability and confidence to exercise
  6. Education on Anatomy and posture – Understanding how to reduce unnecessary stress on your body