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Occupational Health

Work related musculoskeletal disorders are painful injuries involving the muscles, tendons, joints and/or nerves. They are considered work related if they are caused by or aggravated by work practices. Issues such as sitting incorrectly at your desk, heavy lifting or activities which involve sustained or awkward postures can contribute to these problems.

Work related musculoskeletal disorders commonly affect areas such as the lower back, neck, arms and hands. These disorders are often referred to as Repetitive Strain Injury.

At PHYSIO 64 we are specialised in the assessment and treatment of work related musculoskeletal disorders. We will assess your problem comprehensibly to identify sources of pain and causes driving your injury such as poor postures especially in the spine and shoulder complex as well as muscle imbalances and weaknesses.

A treatment plan will then be devised. We can use strategies such as manual therapy and exercise to alleviate your pain, postural training and exercise to optimise your posture and prevent recurrence. We will also give you advice on ergonomics and working practices specific to your job.